The Control Freaks – No Action: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM


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Retro, schmetro! If I get one more email with a dropbox link / bandcamp link of a GREAT NEW GARAGE PUNK / GARAGE ROCK / GARAGE PSYCH band I’m gonna scream! Without disclosing my true age (dinosaur), let’s just say that I am old enough to remember how garage punk REALLY sounded in the 90s: it was nothing like the combos who (try to) put out records these days under the garage punk moniker, kids who think they know all after buying exactly one Ty Segall record. Come on!
We are GLAD to be able to present the real deal here! We are GLAD to have these two CONTROL FREAKS singles out now!!!!!!
 It’s two singles with two songs each, an original one and a cover version of a song you should know! The first single (this one) kicks off with the mid tempo scorcher “No Action”, after a few seconds you find yourself set back to the 90s, sloppy (in a VERY good way) and trashy garage punk with a simple chorus, and continues with the CONTROL FREAKS version of the most famous PROTEX song, “I can only dream”. This is a no brainer! Hit after hit! Single numero dos (the other one) starts with an advice… “Don’t mess with Jessica”, great chorus again, and fantastic male / female vocal parts! The flipside has a THE ROUSERS cover, “Rock N Roll or Run”! All recordings are exclusive to this singles, means they don’t appear on the recently released CONTROL FREAKS full length on  SLOVENLY RECORDS.
Name dropping dept.: Yes, Greg Lowery did some things before he invented the Control Freaks: Rip Off Records, Rip Offs, Infections, Supercharger, Zodiac Killers. Yes, the CONTROL FREAKS sound a lot like the bands mentioned before, and also like a lot of records he released on Rip Off Records – but that ain’t a bad thing!!!!
Track list:

No Action
Written-By – Lowery*, Nelson*
Written-By – Lowery*, Nelson*

I Can Only Dream
Written-By – David McMaster, Protex

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