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This year marks the 40th anniversary of Glasgow’s soulful garage-rock legends The Primevals, so we’re excited to be releasing their 12th album “The Dividing Line” in conjunction with Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain) and the band’s own Triple Wide imprint.

The Primevals are the true definition of ‘cult band’. The Gun Club, Cramps, Beefheart and MC5 influences they proudly wore on their sleeves in their early days stood in stark contrast to what their Glasgow contemporaries were doing musically. Years of recording for mainly European labels built them a loyal fanbase on their own continent but didn’t earn them much recognition outside of it. Hell, if you’re an avid crate digger, chances are you’ve come across their records more than once, even if you’ve never heard a single one of their tracks. Like we said, a true cult band.

We’re happy to report that the last four decades have not slowed The Primevals down in the least, only toughened their sound. “The Dividing Line” shows there’s still plenty of grit and grime in their rock’n’roll, forging a sonic pathway that swoops and glides between the past and the present. It’s a slab of soulful garage with swatches of blues, psychedelia, jazz and R&B sewn into its rich tapestry. Answer the Primeval Call!

For fans of The Nomads, New Christs, Gallon Drunk, and any of the bands mentioned above.

Track list:

01 The Drop
02 Sonic Pathway
03 Drifting Away
04 Don’t Cry
05 High Street
06 Hang Loose
08 Sucking On Nothing Sweet
09 Grit and Grime
10 Rest In Power
11 The Will Of The People
12 Walking At Night

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