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“They’ve got this great furiousness to their sound, and it makes you just want to throw things about and shout. There’s a riot going on, and it’s the wildest sound you’ll ever hear!”

Hailing from La Rochelle (France), the band kicks out fun, raw garage punk with a slightly off-kilter-charm that seems to define the current sound coming out of France. Their sound is an absolute burner that features grimy guitar solos and conjures up the smell of sweat and spilled beer. In other words, it’s fuckin’ rock’n’roll.

The band is brainchild of songwriter and guitarist Ugo Martinez (Charles Howl / Jerry Tropicano / Skeptics) created in 2014 in La Rochelle.

In 2016 came the first 7” from the band release on Frantic City Records – FR , Followed by the band’s first LP SUMMERIZZ released 2017 on Adrenalin Fix Music – Beast Records – Stryckhnine Recordz, the band hit the road on multiple occasions with great returns from the audiences, most notably at the Binic Festival 2017

With two full years of touring the band went back to their favourite studio Swampland – FR and under the supervision of Lo Spider recorded their sophomore album BRAIN DAMAGE released 2019 on US label Dead Beat Records

In 2020 the band now composed of bassist Willy Barre (Ivresse Publique / Boulevard Boys), drummer Hugo Suquet (Thee Maximators), and guitarist / Vocalist Ugo Martinez, recorded their third LP THEE BLACK ALBUM to be released in 2022 on Dirty Water Records (London) and long-time partner and friend Adrenalin Fix Music.

For fans of: Thee Oh Sees, Black Sabbath, Jay Reatard, fuzz, and farfisa.

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